We are an independent, locally owned private practice located in Four Corners | Bozeman.

We are not your average physical therapy clinic. We might look different from the industry standard, but we are leaders in sports physical therapy who believe in research informed practice. We consider each person’s unique needs to BUILD robust, resilient people in our inclusive, inspiring environment without gimmicks or low value care.

People choose us because we offer solutions over short term fixes, allow people to continue activity while we work with you to understand your injury, and facilitate measurable progress, beginning to end.


Exxentric Kbox

Flywheel training uses inertia instead of gravity to create variable resistance. Eccentric overload can be easily achieved throughout the joint’s entire range of motion, avoiding “sticking points” common with traditional weights.

Vald Performance ForceDecks

Research grade dual force plates enable insight into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries and movement strategies.

Isokinetic Electromagnetic Dynamometer

HUMan Assessment Computer (HUMAC) for the Cybex takes the guesswork out of assessing progress or return to sports decisions. Research continues to reinforce the importance of isolated joint, Isokinetic resistance testing and training for the best outcomes. We are the only clinic in Montana with this technology.

Boost Antigravity Treadmill

We have Montana’s first Boost treadmill.  This NASA engineered antigravity treadmill can unweight the body up to 80% which allows safe running or walking for people with stress fractures, balance or gait disturbances, and recent surgeries where impact might be  contraindicated. The Boost system uses Woodway treadmills, the best surface you may ever run on.


3,011 sq. ft. gym
20 yards of field turf
Private exam rooms
Bathroom with shower
Rogue fitness equipment