ACL Rehabilitation

ACL rehabilitation is a grueling journey. With 20 years of rehabilitating ACL injuries in all sports and recreational endeavors, we have built both the nationally recognized expertise and the resources in our facility to get you back to your pre-injury level.

Experience Matters

It is our opinion that conventional physical therapy falls short of a truly individualized, effective program that pushes return of normal muscle function and prepares a person for return to sport. In fact, only 5% of ACL patients receive evidence based rehab guidelines1  and only 13% of research papers cited include any measurable criteria to clear an athlete back to sport2. We offer a criterion based, research supported rehabilitation program with frequent muscle function testing to ensure we are making expected progress month to month. You will always know where you stand and where you need to be.

Unfortunately, with ACL re injury rates falling between 20-30%, most occurring in the first 12 months from surgery, we believe most athletes did not receive optimal rehabilitation and did not complete appropriate return to sports testing. If specific criteria are not met, there is a 4x greater risk of ACL re injury3. Additionally, there is little to no assist in the transition from a “patient” back to an “athlete”. With our experience in Division 1 collegiate sports, high school sports, recreational and elite/pro sports, we understand the unique demands of each sport at every level and will help you make the transition well prepared- physically and mentally.

Decline back squats to bias quadriceps.
Quadricep and hamstring deceleration training on the isokinetic dynamometer machine.
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